April 25th 2001 Meeting Minutes

Minutes From April 25, 2001 meeting of TOTHG Volkssport Club
at The Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

President Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. There were 24 members present. Jack introduced new members, Stephanie and Steven Winter of Olympia.  They were not in attendance, but we welcome them and anticipate seeing them soon at one of our meetings.  Also, new member Cheryl Dines was introduced.  She helped at our Dupont walk.   Our members that were away for the winter have returned.  It is good to have them back.

Minutes of the March meeting were approved as submitted.

Correspondence included a note from Dick Richards about a Cancer Walk to be held on May 18th and 19th in Auburn.  The Auburn Trampers are sponsoring this walk.  The brochure was circulated to members to see if they wanted to sponsor or contribute toward this event.

The March Checkpoint was received and Jack read a portion of it as follows:  Did you know that when you have a walking event, you must always have a 10-kilometer event?  That’s right.  Sponsoring clubs must offer at least one short and one medium distance at an event.  Instead of a medium distance, clubs may allow participants to walk the same trail twice at no additional charge.  They may also offer a long distance event.  A short distance event is a 10 K, and a medium event is up to 19 K.

Treasurers Report:  Sandy was not at the meeting but Jack gave the report as he had it.  Checkbook balance is $6,286.53, cash at home $40.50 for a total of $6327.03.  All bills are paid up to date, including hatpins for Northwest Trek.

Committee Reports:

Kent YRE: Jack reports 92 Federal Way YRE 65 Dupont Walk and Bike:  74 and 12 Juneau looks like it will do well Sales:  Alicia sold 35 New Walker packets at our Dupont walk.  She will be ordering 40 new ones.  She has also ordered our new shirts.  They are white with blue lettering.  They will cost $12.  Let Alicia know if you want one.

Membership Report:  Marianne reported 71 regular and 2 honorary members for a total of 73 members.  Members present reviewed their information on the rolls and approved or corrected them.  Adding to that, we will have a new member from Virginia.  Tim Minor is the AVA representative for girl sports on the National level.  He has to join our group before he can order patches for the Girl Scouts who are eagerly participating in some of our walks.  His membership will bring our total to 72 members and 2 honorary, with a total of 74.

We will possibly have 3 of our national representatives at our June meeting.

Our Club Summer social will be held on July 14th at the home of Dianne Hall at Lake Tapps.  More information will be available at our June meeting.  Also the Hope social will be the weekend of September 29th and 30th.  Motel telephone number is (604) 869-9951.  Identify yourself as a Volkswalker when making your reservation.

We have a club web page.  The address is www.tothgvolkssportclub.com or www.theoverthehillgang.net.  It looks great.

A special thanks to Paul James for creating it for us.

The next ESVA meeting will be May 19th at Fort Lewis.

Jessie Miller sent a letter concerning his new policy for seasonal walks.  The year 2000 had near 300 events.  The new policy states that as of January 1, 2002 each club can have a maximum of 10 year round seasonal walking events in a calendar year.  This doesn’t include biking, skiing or snowshoe events.  If you wish more information about this please contact Jack and get that information from him.

One more piece of information about YRE walks:  The Bellevue YRE will now start at the Botanical Gardens instead of the hotel due to cost of parking.

Shirley Lindberg spoke briefly about her candidacy for and re-election to AVA Vice President.  Of course we enthusiastically support her in this endeavor.  Our club voted to give her financial support in the form of a check for $200.  Good luck Shirley.

$100 was designated to go to Marion Puckett for the purpose of putting together a basket of Washington made items for the Silent Auction at the convention.  It was approved that $600 be sent to the sponsors of our Dupont walk.  Again this year as we did last year, our Club donated $100 to the National MS Society through Debbie Connell.

An e-mail was received from Rick Kellow about the date on next years Canadian Convention.  It will be in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  That is south and east of Calgary.  It will happen the first week of May 2002:  May 3rd, 4th and 5th.

The Juneau walk starts on May 30th.  We’ve already sold 100 patches.  Most of the patches will be on the boat tours.  It’s looking great.

Unfinished Business:  Dupont.  Final report.  Walk #1-518:  Walk #2: 481,  Bike-110, for a total of 1109.  Our Profit/Loss for this walk was $2,051.25.  Expenditures were $1,106.95.  We came away with $975.00.  The sanction request has been submitted and approved for next March 23rd, 2002 at Dupont.

Upcoming Walks:

June 9th: Northwest Trek

October 6th: Walk at Center @ Norpoint

October 21st: Walk at Dupont for Girl Scouts starting at 10 am.  This walk is open to all Girl Scouts and their families as well as Club members.

Tina and Dixie, two of our members, are recovering from surgery.  .  We wish them well.

Make a note on your calendars that our June meeting has been changed from the 27th to the 28thThis will be our yearly Pizza Feed.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:09pm.

Dauna Perry,   Secretary TOTHG