March 24th 2010 Meeting Minutes

The Over the Hill Gang Volkssport Club
March 24, 2010
Round Table Pizza, 34410 16th Ave. C., Federal Way, WA


Call to Order Meeting was called to order by club president, Diane Wagner.  Fourteen members and 1 guest were present.  Marilyn Viola’s niece, Laura, was the guest.

Correspondence The club received notification about upcoming events in North Dakota.

Minutes Motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes of the February 24th meeting as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report Ken Grieser reported that the checkbook balance is $1,449.55.  Some fees and expenses have already been paid for the Dupont event.
Ken reported that monthly fees for the club checking account have become expensive. He has discovered that if the club gets a credit card that the bank fees will be waved.  The credit card does not have to be used to get this benefit.  Motion was made, seconded and passed to direct Ken Grieser to get a credit card so the club no longer has to pay checking account fees.

Committee Reports
Year Round Events
(number of participants)
Auburn/White River Trail – 28
Dupont – 22
Kent –
City – 18
Green River Trail – 7
Lake Fenwick – 10
Maple Valley – 29
Alicia Maxcy volunteered to pick up information from the Kent walks.
Points of contact need to get quarter end information to Ken by the end of March for reports to AVA and ESVA.

Membership Marianne Bastin reported that the club membership is 43.

Sales Alicia Maxcy has record books and club polo shirts for sale.  She will be calling those people who bought new walker packets at the last event to invite them to upcoming walks.

Sickness/Sympathy Joan Grieser reported that she heard of no need to send out cards last month.

ESVA Meeting The meeting will be April 10 in Spokane at which time there will be election of officers.  Motion was made, seconded and passed to let our representative, Diane Wagner, use her best judgment when voting for officers.

AVA Meeting The following action was taken:
Voluntary trail master certification passed.
Name change of AVA did not pass (was referred to committee).
Hike classification did not pass (referred to committee).
Bike helmet requirement passed.  There was no mention about helmet for skate.

Old Business
Dupont events
These are on March 27.  There are still a few spots open for helpers.  Help is needed to mark trails on Friday, March 26, at 2 p.m.  and for stripping trails following the event.  Several members at the meeting volunteered.

SeaTac Trail This has been completed thanks to Ken and Joan Grieser.  June 30 to middle of July is the earliest that sanction will be available.  The Griesers recommend that the trail is best walked on week days because of the popularity of parts of the trail, the weekends are very busy.

Break for drawing $10.00 was collected.  Leonard Bahr won $5.00. $5.00 went to the club.

New Business
NW Trek
Marilyn Viola will be the point of contact for event. Thank you Marilyn!  Event date is June 5.

Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

Next meeting April 28.
Respectfully submitted,
Marianne Bastin, secretary