January 26th 2011 Meeting Minutes

The Over the Hill Gang Volkssport Club
Minutes of the January 26, 2011 meeting
Round Table Pizza, 34410 16th Ave. C., Federal Way, WA

Call  to Order  Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by club president, Diane Wagner.  Fifteen members were present.

Welcome  Members were welcomed back for the new calendar year.

Correspondence  An e-mail offer was received for half price Ireland trip (unknown whether IVV walks are included).
A letter from Ruth Ann and Bob Glovers was read.  They were long time members of TOTHG before moving out of the area.

Debbie Connell has retired after a career with Weyerhaeuser
Marilyn Viola recently completed her 1st  6k walk following back surgery
Pat Patterson – 111,000k/7300 events
Shirley Lindberg – 30,000k
Betty Hellers – 2,300 events
Tina Ayers – unknown milestone
Richard Heasty – sent in his first book for 10 events

Thank you  to Alicia Maxcy for opening her home for the club Christmas party and to Joan Grieser for helping to make the party a success.
Food (76 pounds) and cash ($115.00) were donated by members for the Federal Way food bank.

Minutes  Correction to the October 27, 2010 minutes is as follows:  Treasurer reports a checkbook balance of $2,159.21.  Motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as amended and submitted by secretary.

Treasurer’s Report  Ken Grieser, treasurer, reports a checkbook balance of $2,560.95.

Committee Reports
Year Round Events
(number of participants YTD)
Auburn/White River Trail – 0
Dupont –
Boyhood Memories – 3
Historical – 1
Federal Way – 10 (reminder to trail checkers – you may pay your fee and stamp your books now).  Club has been approached by a group who is interested in doing a 5k or 6k version of this walk.  Instructions have been drawn up and Diane Wagner will trail check.
Juneau – not open
Kent –
City – 2
Green River Trail – 1
Lake Fenwick – 0
Maple Valley – 0

Membership  Marianne Bastin reported that there are 35 members (paid, Honorary & Lifetime).

Sales  Alicia Maxcy has record books for sale.

Sickness/Sympathy  Joan Grieser has sent cards to Marilyn Viola, Don Lindberg & Bob Hellers.

AVA Checkpoint  Additional request for silent auction donations for AVA Convention in June; YRE After Action is due Jan. 30 (TOTHG has already submitted their reports); next AVA NEC meeting is Feb. 18-19 in Alabama during the Floribama.

AVA  The following motions are pending.  TOTHG voted to send the underlined recommendations:
1. May use the event stamp each day you participate. Yes
2. Information about drive to starts, restrooms and water will be listed in brochure, AVA club listing and Starting Point. Yes
3. Free walker coupons must be submitted to AVA with the event stamp with the club number and event number on the reverse side of the coupon. Yes
4. Only AVA Convention committee with approval/consent of NEC may offer pre-AVA convention or post convention events within 400 air miles of convention site 5 days before and 3 days after the convention. No
5. If length of rating is different than advertised the club must post the differences.  The actual distance must be awarded. Yes

Old Business
Dupont Events will
be March 26, 2011 starting at Chloe Clark School.  Walk(s) advertisement has been submitted to The NW Pathfinder with the notation of map only event.  The events start at 8 a.m., finish at 3:30 p.m.  We are splitting the room with the Boy Scouts for the Pinewood Derby.  We are also splitting the cost of the room. We have access to rest rooms and both doors as usual. We have the big parking lot. Bill Stewart will be getting the maps to us this week.  Workers list is being circulated for you to sign up.  Once the route has been firmed we will set a date for the workers walk(s).

Break for Drawing  $13.00 was collected.  Leonard Bahr name was drawn and he won $6.50.  $6.50 went to the club.

New Business
ESVA meeting
is Feb. 19 in Ocean Shores. We will be voting on whether to put The NW  Pathfinder online.  Clubs will still get copies for events and there will still be subscription home delivery.  Motion was made, seconded and passed to recommend against having The NW Pathfinder online.
An ESVA  committee was formed for the NW Regional Conference in 2012 (still at unknown location).
Next meeting will be June 11 in Chelan.
A motion was made, seconded and passed for TOTHG to host the ESVA meeting in the 3rd quarter of 2012.  No place or date planned yet.

Northwest Trek
There will be no NW Trek event hosted by TOTHG in June.  Metropolitan Parks has notified the club that they will no longer allow free entrance into the park for Volkswalkers in the seasonally active months for them.  This will not affect the 4+ Foolhardy Folks walk planned in February.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Marianne Bastin, secretary

Dates to remember
February     5/6 – Northwest Trek/ 4+ Foolhardy Folks Volkssport Club
19/20 – Ocean Shores/Capitol Volkssport Club
23 – The Over the Hill Gang meeting 7 p.m.

Wednesday walks are not officially open.  Capitol is walking Thursday mornings (see their website for locations www.capitolvolkssportclub.org)