March 28, 2001 Meeting Minutes


MARCH 28, 2001

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Vice President Dean Puckett.  There were 18 members present.  That included new member Donna Bonfoey of Gig Harbor, WA.  Also two additional new members were introduced but were not in attendance.  They are:  Cheryl Dines of Lacey, WA and Sally Joe Kimbel of Shelton, WA.

Minutes from our February meeting were approved as sent.

A resume was received from Tom Loppnow regarding his candidacy for AVA President.  Dean passed it around for all to read.  Also a letter was received form Sandy Dunterman concerning Tuesday night walks.  She wanted to know if our club would be interested in sponsoring one of our YR walks as a part of this program.  These walks do not take the place of the Thursday night walks.  They will be starting in June.  The club doing these walks is the Daffodil Volkssport Club of Puyallup.  The idea died because of lack of interest.

Alicia was not at our meeting so there was no report on New Walker Packets and IVV Books, or Shirt orders, etc.  Likewise there was no Treasurers report as Sandy was not at the meeting.

Committee Reports:

Kent YRE – JP reported that there were 62 walkers to date.

Federal Way YRE– No report

Dupont Walk & Bike– No report

Sales: – T-shirts Club name tags- No report

Membership– Marianne –Needs to redo roster, therefore no report

Social-Dianne Hall – The date of the pot luck is July 14th – BYOB, bathing suit and towel

Our Annual walk together will be on Sunday, April 8th at 10am.  Start point QFC in Kent

Club Web page – Paul James is working on it so we now have our own Domain.

Check Point:  YRE/Seasonal Changes:  Changes to these events are handled the same way as changes to regular events.  You make the changes on a copy of the Sanction Request, mark changes across the top and highlight the changes.  Until we have a standard format for submission via E-mail, we will not accept them this way  Faxes are okay as long as they are on the form not just a handwritten note and the changes are marked in someway.

Next ESVA meeting is May 19th at Fort Lewis.

No report from the Regional Director

AVA Convention:  Jackie reports that volunteers are doing well. She has workers for the 9 walks and 2 swims.  Workers walks are still going on through the end of May.  There will be bus transportation available at the convention for all of the walks.  A list will be available for fares and destinations if you are interested. More information on this later.

Unfinished business:

Our Dupont walk was a success.  Jack was not at the meeting so the final count will be given at out next meeting.  There were no complaints and everyone seemed to be enjoying them selves.

Our Juneau  IVV stamp has been received.  Jack will take or send supplies no later than April 10th.

Other dates to remember:

October 6th walk at Norpoint.  Same starting point

October 21st Girl Scout walk at Dupont  10am to 2pm

September 29th and 30th, Hope, Canada.  Number to call is:  (604)869-9951 and identify yourself as a Volkeswalker.

Northwest Trek, June 9th

We have been asked back to Dupont on March 23rd 2002.  Northwest Landing would like us to recommend a German band to play for this event.  If you have any ideas let Jack know.

The Star Club 2000 award information has been submitted by Jack.

Our June meeting date has been changed from the 27th to the 28th.  The change was necessary because of convention activities.  This is our annual pizza party so make sure and note this change on your calendar.

Our next meeting is the 25th of April at Roundtable Pizza at 7pm.  See you there.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm

Dauna Perry, Secretary, TOTHG