May 25th 2011 Meeting Minutes

The Over the Hill Gang Volkssport Club
Minutes of the May 25, 2011 meeting
Round Table Pizza, 34410 16th Ave. C., Federal Way, WA


Call to Order Club president, Diane Wagner, called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Twelve members were in attendance.

Correspondence Mail has been received from AVA Presidential candidate, Heinz Johnson.  E-mails were received from AVA Presidential candidate Sam Korff and Treasurer candidates Bob Morrison and Annette Tollett.

Milestones Marilyn Viola is back walking after her fall.
Pat Patterson – 115,000 km, 7700 events (our club member currently living in Germany)

Minutes from April 27 meeting Motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as submitted by the secretary.

Treasurer’s Report  Report submitted by Ken Grieser – check book balance is $2,889.93 with all bills paid.

Committee Reports
Year round events/Seasonals

Auburn/White River trail – no report
Dupont –
Boyhood Memories – no report
Historical – no report
Federal Way – 40 (ytd)
Juneau – no report (started May 1)
City – 9 (May)
Green River Trail – 13 (May)
Lake Fenwick – 0 (May)
Maple Valley – 22 (ytd)

Membership Marianne Bastin reported that membership is 36 (paid, honorary & lifetime).

Sales Alicia Maxcy has record books and shirts for sale.

Sickness/Sympathy No report.  Joan Grieser was unable to attend the meeting.

ESVA Meeting will be on June 11 at Lake Chelan.  The following business will be discussed:    Should the late fee of $10 (after 30 days past due) be amended to actual cost of after actions fee rather than a flat $10 fee?  (TOTHG advised a no vote.)
Is there a need for a paid storage unit to store ESVA things?  (TOTHG discussed this and felt there was not enough information to make a decision.  A suggestion was to have written information scanned to take up less space.)

Old Business
YRE on Weyerhaeuser campus
is being worked on by Joan Greiser.  She has contacted Weyerhaeuser and is waiting for their response.

Auburn Event – Bob Hellers is working on this possibility.  He was not present at the meeting to make a report of findings.

Club Picnic The date chosen for the club picnic/walk is Sunday, July 17 at the Maple Valley YRE.  Walk at 9 a.m. and eat potluck picnic at 11:30 a.m.

Break for drawing $10.00 was collected.  Alicia Maxcy won $5, $5 went to the club.

New Business
AVA Convention
in Iowa, June 18-26, 2011.
TOTHG instructions to proxy, Sue Black:
President – Sam Korff
Vice President – Becky Forsythe
Secretary – Bonnie Johnson
Treasurer – Bob Morrison
If there are any motions from the floor Sue is asked to use her best judgment.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

There will be no June or July meeting.
July 17 – Club walk 9 a.m and potluck picnic 11:30 a.m. at Maple Valley.

                                                            Respectfully submitted,
Marianne Bastin, secretary