December 9th 2009 Meeting Minutes

The Over the Hill Gang Volkssport Club
December 9, 2009
Round Table Pizza, 34410 16th Ave. S., #101, Federal Way, WA

Call to Order Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by president, Diane Wagner.   Thirteen were present.

Introduction New Members/Guests Debbie Connell’s husband, John visited the meeting.

Minutes Motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes of the October 28, 2009 meeting as submitted.

Treasurer’s report Ken Grieser reported that the checkbook balance is $1,884.94.

AVA Checkpoint Beginning January 1, 2010, events in 2010 will use electronic reporting of After Action Reports (2010 YRE/Seasonals, Dupont and NW Trek).  AVA wants us to market Volkssporting to our communities.

ESVA Meeting Next meeting will be January 30 in Vancouver, WA.

Committee Reports
Year Round Events:
   Dupont – 94
Kent – (City, Lake Fenwick, Trail) no report
Maple Valley – 72
Ken Grieser has a file box that can be used for the new Auburn YRE (2010).  Sign in will be at the QFC store and participants will need to drive to the start.

Membership Marianne Bastin reported that the membership is 43.

Sales Alicia Maxcy reported that she has event and distance books for sale.

Sickness/Sympathy Joan Grieser was thanked for sending cards to the family of Tina Gerard and to Sue Black.

Old Business

Evergreen Wanderers has sanctioned an event on 8-22-10 utilizing Squalichew Creek trail.  Jerry Williams from that club has verified that the club does not plan events or YRE in the future using that trail.  Bill Steward is checking routes in Dupont for TOTHG and had planned to use that trail for the annual March event.
A motion was made and seconded to make the Squalichew Creek Trail a part of the event on March 22 in Dupont.  Motion failed.
A motion was made, seconded and passed to make the Squalichew Creek Trail a seasonal walk to start on April 1, 2010.

Liberty Inn, which was in consideration as the start point for the March 22 event, has upped the price they would charge and has other concerns. The start point will be at Chloe Clark School again.

SeaTac Route  Ken and Joan Grieser are working on the route of this proposed walk to lengthen it from 8 to 10km.

New walks The club is looking for suggestions for walk routes.  Safety, adequate start point and parking are things to consider.  Several ideas were discussed.

AVA Starting Points 2010 These have not arrived yet.

Break for drawing $14.00 was collected.  Marianne Bastin won the drawing and received $7.00.  $7.00 went to the club treasury.

New Business
NW Pathfinder

Club members discussed the situation concerning the NW Pathfinder. Two motions that were considered:
1. One third of after action funds be dedicated to the NW Pathfinder.
2.  Provide a budget for the NW Pathfinder.  If that doesn’t work than divide Oregon and Washington again.
Members were asked to think about this subjectively not emotionally.  TOTHG will have another meeting prior to the ESVA meeting.

West Seattle New Year’s Day event A few club members plan to carpool to the event and walk it together.  Others were invited to join the group.

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m
Respectfully submitted,
Marianne Bastin, secretary

January 27 – 7 p.m.    The Over the Hill Gang meeting