January 24th 2001 Meeting Minutes

at The Round Table Pizza, Auburn , Washington

Note: Items below inside brackets, “< >”, have been replaced with the text that follows it in “ALL CAPS”

The meeting was called to order at 7PM by President Jack Maxcy. 16 members were present. No guests or new members were reported. Minutes from our December meeting (party) were discussed and approved.

Our correspondence included a Thank you note from Diane Evans for the $150 that our Club contributed for the three-day walk that she participated in for Breast Cancer. A Thank You was also received from Stephanie Winters of the Girl Scouts regarding the walk that our club sponsored. They have asked us if we would do another walk on October 21, 2001. Jack has agreed to do it. <It will not be a sanctioned walk>. IT WILL BE CONSIDERED AS A YEAR ROUND WALK..

The Treasurers Report was tabled until next meeting

Jack Maxcy gave committee reports for the area Year Round Walks. They are as follows: Kent, for the year 2000. 223 participants; Federal Way, for the year 2000, 169 participants: Dupont Walk for the year 2000, 202 participants; and the Bike, 47 participants.

Alicia gave the Sales report: She has two White club polo shirts (Large). She talked about still trying to get more shirts in our club color, but is having trouble with the supplier. We also discussed getting Club nametags. Tina Freeman is working on this project.

There was no report given on our Club Christmas Social, but those of us who were there issued a big thank you to Dianne Hall for the use of her home and added that we all had a great time.

Our club has a Web page up and running. Club member Diane Evans of Alexandria, VA is developing it for us and is updating as necessary. You can get to the site by logging onto www.ESVA.org and clicking on TOTHG link.

Marianne reports that we have 67 regular members and 2 honorary members for a total of 69 members.

Jack went briefly over the Checkpoint for November, December and January. A few points that he touched on was that New Balance has provided more than $170,000 worth of shoes and more than $75,000 worth of giveaway items to our clubs. They will be giving only 1 pair of shoes to each sanctioned walk this year. The year 2001 begins the 25th year of Volkssporting in the United States. The staff at Headquarters wished everyone a Happy New Year and a wish to renew The Spirit of Walking.

Next ESVA meeting is February 10 in Redmond

E-mail was received about Ole and Helen. They completed their walk in November ahead of schedule.

Unfinished Business: The trails for our Dupont walk on March 24th are finished and ready to go. It is requested that all members pre-register before the walk. $5 will cover the three events and a hatpin. Permission for part of bike trail in Ft. Lewis still is pending. On the day of the event the food will be provided by the Library Group and the Parks and Recreation Foundation. Candy will be donated by State Farm and water will be donated by the Talking Rain Company of Preston. The hatpins for this event have been ordered and should be arriving soon.

ALASKA Walks. Juneau-patches have been received. We are getting inquires about the walk. There will be at least 5 tour groups.

NORTHWEST TREK. The walk is scheduled for June 9th, 2001. We have the hatpin. It is a comical moose. It’s great. We are expecting a large group of girl scouts at this event.

Final report for YR events-profit/loss: Anchorage, $319.06, Juneau, $322.96, Dupont walk, $141.40, Bike $32.04, Kent, $212.69, Federal Way, $97.90. Grand Total: $1126.05.

Social Events: Our Hope trip will be the weekend of September 29th and 30th. Summer Picnic was tabled till next meeting. Kent annual YR, scheduled for April 8th. The group voted to do this walk starting in the parking lot at QFC at 9am.

New Business: Trail mark and check for ESVA walk at NW Trek on Feb.2,3 &4. Contact Jack if you can do any of these.

Inquiries have been made concerning a sanctioned walk again this October. We voted to go ahead with this walk. It was suggested that it be at NorPoint again. Jack will contact them to see if October 6th is available. This would be a simple event to do because the trail and check points are already set.

There was a workers walk for the Dupont event on January 27th. Another one is scheduled for February 11th. Let Jack know if you can do this walk.

Other business-Odds & Ends Cliff Yockey passed away on Jan 12th. Bob Glover had surgery on Dec. 26th. He is doing well. Puget Sound Sloshers gave us two direction and two caution signs, a water jug and some other small items. Their group folded. Jack and Alicia did a walk in Yuma, AZ with Marilyn Viola and she sends her best wishes as do Bob and Betty Hellers.

FYI: Add these items to your roster. New e-mail address for Dixie: . Bob and Ruth Ann telephone in New Mexico: 505-544-7339 Tina & Tim telephone is now: 253-841-0345.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53pm. Next meeting on February 28th, 2001

Dauna Perry, Secretary, TOTHG