March 23rd 2005 Meeting Minutes


March 23rd, 2005

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

Club President Skip Probst called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm. There were 16 members in attendance.

The Minutes of the February meeting were approved.

A catalog was received from Chilcotin Holidays.
A letter received from Victoria Clipper offering a trip to Victoria IMA Walk
Festival was passed around again.

Ken Grieser reported a bank balance of $7,181.01 as of March 23, 2005.

KENT YRE: Dixie Inabnit-Walkers to date: 42
FEDERAL WAY YRE: Jack-Walkers to date: 46
DUPONT YRE: Elayne Chambers – Walkers to date: 25, Bike 5
JUNEAU YRE: Supplies sent
SALES: Alicia Maxcy no report 
MEMBERSHIP: Marianne Bastin reported that we have 89 members to date.
SICKNESS & SYNPATHY: Joan Grieser sent out three cards.

Carol Walsh had nothing to report.

Dupont Walk/Bike –
It was reported that 425 walkers participated, with 315 for credit and 110 free. There were 42 bikers, 36 for credit and 6 free. The gross income was $1,225, and $134 was cleared. Donations totaled $181.75. A motion was made and seconded to donate $100 to the City of Dupont. The motion carried. We received nothing but compliments on the trails Bill Stewart and Elayne Chambers put together. A lot of hard work went into the planning of the routes and Bill and Elayne deserve high praise.
Special thanks goes out to Carol and Larry Walsh who manned the Control Point, and to all who helped at the walk, i.e., manning the tables, the trail checkers, the trail sweepers, and to those who stayed and dismantled and loaded up the tables, and who vacuumed the floor. The City of Dupont called and said we did a good job.
Drawing for Shoes – We will have a drawing for the New Balance Shoes and the winner will be notified.
The club has voted to have a two-day event next year in Dupont on March 25 and 26.
Jack Maxcy is our representative at the Dupont Committee meetings

$18 was collected. Alicia Maxcy (who submitted a blank ticket) won the drawing. She received $9 and $9 went into the club kitty.

The A-Z City Challenge – Elayne Chambers, Shirley Lindberg, and Diane Wagner. The NATURE Challenge – Tina Ayers and Dorothy Blackmum. IVV Awards – Dorothy Blackmum, 225 events; Steve Mackey, 500 events; Bill Stewart, 700 events; and Bill Stewart, 7,500 km.

The Northwest Trek Walk – June 4
Marilyn Viola is the trail master. Please afford her all the help you can give by signing the workers’ list and the workers’ walk list. Jack Maxcy will be handling the coordination between the Pacific and Totem Girl Scout Councils. Brochures have been approved, and a flier will be produced by the weekend.
The Auburn Walk – August 28
Bob and Betty Hellers are trail masters for this walk. Please sign up for the workers’ list and the workers’ walk list.
We will be voting for AVA officers at our April meeting.The next ESVA meeting will be held on April 9 at the Best Western Lincoln Suites in Elllensburg. This will allow for those interested in going there to listen and form their own opinion on issues. There is also a seasonal walk, Y1043, listed in the Starting Point.
The 14 th Biennial AVA Convention
The convention will be held June 22-24, 2005 in Cherry Hill, NJ. President Skip Probst will not be attending. Jack Maxcy and Bob Hellers have been named as our delegates. It was a motion was moved and seconded that $250 in expense money be given each Jack and Bob. The motion carried.
Lifetime Membership
A motion was moved and seconded, that club founder Jack Maxcy and wife Alicia be afforded recognition with a Lifetime Membership. The motion carried unanimously and with enthusiasm.
The 2005 Christmas Party
Two locations, the Des Moines Creek Restaurant and the Tacoma Elks Club were selected as the finalists for the dinner. A vote will be taken at the April meeting to choose the location.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 pm. Our next meeting will be on April 27th.

Prepared by: Steve Mackey, Secretary