June 23rd 2004 Meeting Minutes


June 23rd, 2004

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

Club President, Jack Maxcy, called the meeting to order at 7:08pm. There were 29 members present.

Minutes from the May meeting were discussed and approved.

Three letters were received. One from Pauline Cassio, one concerning the Castle Rock Revitalization, and one from the Girl Scouts about their October walk in DuPont.
Email: We received word that an Olympia club will be doing evening walks, and one of them will be at our DuPont walk on July 28 th . They start at 6pm at the DuPont store.

Ken Grieser: We have $7,772.92 in our checkbook. As of this date, June 23 rd , 2004 our club has donated $16,488.69.

KENT YRE: Skip-Walkers to date: 101
FEDERAL WAY YRE: Jack-Walkers to date: 111
DUPONT YRE: Elayne Chambers – Walkers to date: 76, Bike 12
JUNEAU: No total as of yet, but around 50+
SALES: Alicia Maxcy: She has books for sale.
MEMBERSHIP: Marianne Bastin: Regular Members 93 Honorary 2 with a total of 95 members.
SICKNESS & SYNPATHY: Joan Grieser: She has sent cards to Steve Mackey, Jack Maxcy, and Dianne Hall. We hope everyone is feeling better.
SOCIAL: Carol Walsh: Here is an update on the walk that we are going to be doing before the picnic. The walk has been changed from the Federation Forrest Walk to the Buckley Walk. The start point for this walk is at Arrow Lumber. Then you will drive to the trail start point. If you need more information about the walk contact Carol at (253) 841-4775. If you haven’t signed the sign up sheet for attending the picnic, please let Carol know that information as well. Picnic will start at 12 Noon. If you need directions to Crystal Ranch check the web site. The directions are in the May minutes. Our web site ishttps://theoverthehillgang.net 
HOPE WALK: is coming up in September. The number for the motel is 1-800-899-5996. This will be the last walk we will be doing with this group.

The next state meeting will be on July 3 rd in Vancouver WA , at 10am. Also the North West Regional Conference will be held in Leavenworth , WA on July 15-18 th .

His June report is on the web site.

Northwest Trek, The final report form Dianne and JP is that we had a total of 692 walkers. 255 of those were Girl Scouts. Our profit from the walk was $695.00.
Auburn Walk , Bob and Betty Hellers. The workers walk for this walk will be on Sunday, August 22 nd at 1pm at Roegner Park .
Girl Scout Walk: Sunday, October 10 th . Will start at the new Girl Scout building in DuPont.
CLUB WALK: at DuPont for 2005, will be held on March 26 th . We will not be serving food at this event

$32 was collected. Tine Ayers won the drawing. She got $16, and $16 went into our clubs kitty. We now have $118 in the kitty.

DONATIONS: A donation in the amount of $695 to NWTrek. A donation of $259 went to the Girl Scouts, and a donation of $200 was made to the AVA.
ANNUAL PIZZA PARTY: A motion was made to change the date of our pizza party from June, 2005 to August, 2005. That motion was carried. That was done because of the AVA Convention and Club Elections.

There was a change in our by-laws that created a new position of 1st Vice President. We also elected our new officers for the years 2005-2006. They are as follows. President: Jack Maxcy. 1 st Vice President: Skip Probst. 1st Vice President: Bill Stewart. Secretary: Edith Hamilton, and Treasurer: Ken Grieser.

As of July 1, 2004, Carol Walsh is the new Treasurer of the ESVA. Congratulations from The Over The Hill Gang.

Daryl Pulley, our member from Portland , OR reported at our meeting that they had 700 walkers at their Gorge Walk this year. What a great walk. They do these walks every other year.

There was no further business. Meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Dauna Perry,
Secretary, TOTHG