February 25th 2004 Meeting Minutes


February 25th, 2004

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

Club President, Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7:03pm. There were 25 members present. Jack introduced a new member, Marlene Hutchison. Marlene brought a friend, Rebecca Lerma, and she joined at our meeting tonight. So we welcome two new members.

Minutes from the January meeting were discussed and approved.

We received the brochure about the Discovery Walk Festival in Vancouver , WA . We received a brochure from the ESVA about a walk that is new. It is called the Washington State Challenge. It will be a five-year program. You can get more information from Jack or from the ESVA. Also check online, there may be more information there.

Ken Grieser. Our checkbook balance as of 25 February is $5,822.00 plus.

KENT YRE: Skip-Walkers to date: 42
FEDERAL WAY YRE: Jack-Walkers to date: 29
DUPONT YRE: Jack – Walkers to date: 29, Bike 2
JUNEAU: Jack: Walk starts May 1 st
We have two tour groups signed up, one with 50 walkers and one with 30 walkers
Moneys received from these walks for the year were: Kent YRE $338.67; FW: YRE $322.19; DuPont YRE $372.81; Bike: $49.45; Juneau YRE $297.80.
SALES: Alicia will be ordering Club jackets and T-shirts.
MEMBERSHIP: Marianne. She reports that with the new members we have 86 members with 2 honorary, with a total of 88 members.
New Club Rosters: If you haven’t gotten a new roster let Jack know.
SICKNESS & SYNPATHY: Joan. The club received a card of thanks from Kirsten for the card that was sent to Tim.
SOCIAL: Carol Walsh. She will be making up a map of the area where we are going to have our Summer Social. It will be on July 31 st . We will be doing a walk that day as well. Sounds like a fun day.
CHRISTMAS PARTY: Dianne Hall will be in charge of our Christmas party at the Elks Club this year.
BROCHURES: Skip is working on a multi-event brochure for 2005 YRE’s
NW TREK WALK that was held on February 7 th and 8 th went well. Dean would like to thank everyone who helped mark and check the trails. All those who were asked to help did so willingly.

We didn’t receive the March edition before our meeting.

We were shown pictures of what the patches for Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which is May, and National Volkssport Month, which is October, will look like.

WEB SITE: We encourage you to check our web site. There are pictures from our Christmas party, and others, as well. The web site is:https://theoverthehillgang.net

DuPont walks Saturday, March 27 th , is our first walk of the year. All is going well. The 5K trail has been finalized and wheeled by Skip and Alicia. Don Lindberg checked out the Bike trail. It is ready to go. The City trail is laid out; it just has to be wheeled. Workers list will be finalized ASAP and assignments will be given out on or before our March meeting. As of February 25 th 12 walkers have preregistered for walk 1, 6 walkers for walk 2 and 4 for the Bike. 10 hatpins have been sold. 
Northwest Trek, This walk will be on June 5, 2004. JP and Dianne will be Trail Masters for this event. This is also a Girl Scout event. Publicity has already been sent out by each of our Girl Scout Councils.
Auburn Walk , Will be held on October 2 nd 2004. Bob and Betty Hellers will be Trail Masters for this event.
Girl Scout Walk: This walk is going to be on October 10 th . We will be able to use the new Pacific Peaks Council building as our Start Point. A new Girl Scout patch will be available as well.
Social: The group walk went well on Sunday February 22 nd . Twenty walkers participated.
The Hope walk with our Sister club will be the weekend of September 25 th and 26 th . This will be the last time for the Hope walk. If you need a Motel call: 1-800-899-5996. This is a Quality Inn. There will space for Trailers and camping.
Train Trip to Portland : Let Jack know if you are interested in doing this. It sounds like a fun trip. It will be done in one day, and in the fall.
We are going to be doing mid-week group walks . Jack will email with information concerning these walks.

BREAK FOR DRAWING: $25 was collected and Debbie Connell was the big winner. She took home $12.50, and our kitty got $12.50. We now have $66 in the club kitty.

Club election time is approaching. It will take place in June. Debbie has consented to be the nomination chairwoman. If you have the desire to become one of the elected officials, please let Debbie know.
Workers Walk: The next workers walk for DuPont will be on March 14 th , at 9am. The starting point will be the City Hall, but don’t park in front of City Hall.
Club Weekend Walk: This walk will be on Saturday March 20 th . We are doing the Federal Way YRE walk.
Club Donations: To date our club has donated $15,748.69.

No other business was brought forth. The meeting was adjourned at 7:42pm. Our next meeting will be on March 24 th . Note this is a 5 Wednesday month. So mark your calendars on the 24 th .

Secretary, TOTHG
Dauna Perry