October 22nd 2003 Meeting Minutes


October 22nd, 2003

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

President Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7pm. There were 16 members present. Edith Hamilton and Carol Burroughs were introduced. Edith is a new member and Carol is a member visiting from Idaho.

MINUTES OF Sept. 24, 2003 MEETING:
September meeting were discussed and approved.

A letter of thanks was received from AVA President Shirley Lindberg for the $200 donation she was given by our club. We are happy and proud to have Shirley as a member of our club. Also, the Oct/Nov issue of the Atlantic Trailmaster was received.

Ken Grieser: Our checkbook balance as of today is $6,392.

KENT YRE: Skip-Walkers to date: 151
FEDERAL WAY YRE: Jack-Walkers to date: 139
DUPONT YRE: Jack – Est. 250-300 That includes the Girl Scout walk, Bike: 18
JUNEAU: Jack: 163. Profit for year $290.30
SALES: Alicia: T-shirts and Jackets have been ordered. Also the new Starting Point will be ordered. Alicia needs to know if you want one. She needs to know no later than the 5th of November. Now would be even better. No need to pay for them until they come.
MEMBERSHIP: Jack 76 members and 2 honorary, with a total of 78 members.
New Club Rosters: If you haven’t gotten a new roster let Jack know.
SICKNESS & SYNPATHY: Joan Grieser: Joan sent a cards to Marilyn Viola and Sue Probst. The Clubs thoughts and prayers are with you both.
SOCIAL: No report.
BROCHURES: Skip has finished the brochures and they are ready to hand out.

Want to be recognized for your creative side: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and National Volkssport Month are in need of patch designs for 2004. Please pull out your pens, pencils, crayons and markers and send us your designs. If your patch is selected, you will be recognized on the order form in TAW, and receive a free patch. Deadline for receipt of designs is January 2, 2004.

E-MAIL ROSTER: Hopefully everyone checked their email addresses and corrected them. Our Snow Birds have all gone south for the winter, and all have arrived safely at their winter homes.

Auburn Walk: Bob and Betty Hellers report that all went well. We had 294 walkers. We had lots of compliments on the trail. There were a few complaints from some people who missed the signs. Thanks to all who worked on the walk. It was cold, but a great day for a walk. We made about $200 profit.
GIRL SCOUT WALK in Dupont will be on ‘Sunday October 12. Jack needs a couple of helpers to mark the trail. The walk will be at the City Park again this year. The new Fire Chief has given approval for the Fire Engine and Aid Car to be on site. There will be maps available for the walk.
GIRL SCOUT WALK in Dupont on Sunday October 12th was a wet October day, but the girls had a good time. 105 total walkers, with 83 patches sold. Seven credit only walkers and 15 free walkers. $120 profit.
Our DUPONT 2004 Trail #2 has been wheeled and finalized. Old Dupont Powder Train as hat pin has been ordered. Deanna, Dianne Hall’s daughter is going to do the food for that event.
NW TREK JUNE 5, 2004 June 5, 2004. The sanction request has been submitted and approved. JP and Dianne will be in charge of the event. It will also be a Girl Scout Walk, and the GS patch will be the patch of the day

Our Train Trip to Vancouver turned out to be a Bus trip. A landslide blocked the tracks north of Seattle. Everyone had a good time. The weather was great. The group did 2 walks and even had time for shopping.

Will be on Sunday, December 14th, at the Tacoma Elks Lodge at 1965 Union Avenue. Social hour will begin at 4pm, with Dinner following at 5pm. There will be dancing till 8pm. Please let Alicia know if you will be attending, and how many will be in your party. It seems that every one has chosen the Buffet. The cost will be $13.75. This amount includes tax and gratuity. Let Alicia know by the 1st of December if you are going. Money should be sent to her no later than the 5th of December. Make checks payable to Alicia.

$15 was collected. $7.50 went to the Club kitty. Edith Hamilton won $7.50. Skip won a bottle of sunshine?, and Ken Greiser and Resi MacDonald won T-shirts.

Approval was granted for our Jackie Meyer Walk for next year. It will be on October 2, 2004. Bob and Betty Hellers will be in charge of the walk.
A donation of $100 to the Girl Scouts towards a fund for a new Regional Building at Dupont was suggested. The motion was made, seconded and approved.
A motion was also made to approve a check in the amount of $100 be given to Donna Bonfoey for gathering prizes and decorations for our Christmas party in December.

We will not meet again until our Christmas party. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.

Secretary, TOTHG
Dauna Perry