September 24th 2003 Meeting Minutes


September 24th, 2003

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

President Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7pm. There were 32 members present. New members Sue Stevenson, Edith Hamilton and Bev Oppelt were introduced.

MINUTES OF June 18th, 2003 MEETING:
Minutes from the June meeting were discussed and there was one correction to be made. The date of the Girl Scout walk in October is to be on the 12th not the 13th.

The club has received several letters over the summer months. Three were from folks regarding our club walk at NW Trek. We received letters of thanks from Chip Heinz thanking us for our donation of $600, a letter from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, and a letter of thank you from the Convention Committee in Colorado Springs for the $100 donation that we sent to them. We also received several brochures concerning walks around the US.

Ken Grieser. As of today, September 24th, we have in our account $6,410.00.

KENT YRE: Skip-Walkers to date: 142
FEDERAL WAY YRE: Jack-Walkers to date: 126
DUPONT YRE: Paul-Walkers to date: 112, Bike: 17
JUNEAU: Jack-Walkers to date: 128+ as of August
SALES: Alicia. She has new club T-shirts, in S, M, L, and XL. The colors are blue, gray, and white. The cost will be $5. Also club Jackets. She has to have orders of a minimum of 3 to send it in. They are great looking jackets. Log on to the web site and you can see them there.
MEMBERSHIP: Marianne-We have 76 regular members and 2 honorary, for a total of 78 members.
SICKNESS & SYNPATHY: Joan. No one was mentioned, but it was brought to our attention that Sue Probst had surgery during the summer. We are glad that she is feeling better.

Jack reported on the Check Point because Dean was out of town. When you send in your books for an award it is not necessary to send in the prior book. But you still must send in your membership booklet with your number on it.

The next meeting is on October 4th in Spokane. No representative from our club. That is the day of our walk in Auburn.

Auburn walk on the 4th of October. Bob and Betty Hellers are in charge of this walk. Bob read the assignments for the walk.
GIRL SCOUT WALK in Dupont will be on ‘Sunday October 12. Jack needs a couple of helpers to mark the trail. The walk will be at the City Park again this year. The new Fire Chief has given approval for the Fire Engine and Aid Car to be on site. There will be maps available for the walk.
Our DUPONT 2004 trail #2 has been wheeled and finalized. The club approved the Old Dupont Powder Train as the hatpin for this walk.
NW TREK JUNE 5, 2004 walk sanction request has been submitted and approved. JP and Dianne will be in charge of this event. This will also be a Girl Scout walk and will utilize the Girl Scout patch as the award.

Train trip to Canada on October 18th and 19th. The Train leaves at 7:45am. Try to be there no later than 7am. The parking garage that you can leave your cars at for the duration of the trip is just across the street from the new Foot Ball Stadium. The address is 201 South Jackson St. The cost for a 24-hour period is $20. Those of you staying one night it will cost $40 and those staying the extra night it will cost $60.

Is scheduled for the 14th of December, at the Elks Club in Tacoma. Most everyone voted to have the All You Can Eat Buffet, which will cost $13. There will be more details at our next meeting.

Jack had a drawing. Anyone who wanted to buy a ticket for a dollar, and put their name on the back of it will have a chance of winning part of the money collected. There were 22 tickets sold. $11 went to the lucky name drawn and the other $11 went into the Club kitty. Ken Greiser won the money. Two more names were drawn. Bev Oppelt won a Club hat, and Paul Basten won a Club t-shirt. That was fun!!!

Several requests have been made that we start our meetings in August. We voted and we will be starting our meetings in August 2004.
CLUB PICNIC: This issue was tabled till our next meeting in October.
DONATIONS: It was suggested that we, TOTHG, donate $200 to the AVA. That was approved. $50 was also donated to the Dupont Fire Dept. for their bicycle helmet fund. That was approved. To date our club has donated $15,548.69 to different organizations.
The Puyallup Daffodil Volkssport Club is sponsoring the following evening walks:
•October 9 at 4:30pm. This is TOTHG walk in Federal Way. The starting point is at the Mosquito Bay Hair & Tanning Salon at 4614 SW 320th St;.
•Oct. 16th at 4:15pm, at the BPA Trail South & Hylebos St. Park. Start point is at 35806 1st Ave S (Dorm Batson’s) Park on 358th;
•October 23rd at 4pm. Federal Way, BPA Trail North. 35806 1st Ave S (Dorm Batson’s). Park on 358th;
•October 30th at 3pm. Commencement Bay. The Start Point is at the Spar Tavern Coffee Bar at 2123 N. 30th St. Find parking on street;
•November 6th, at 2:30 pm. Downtown Tacoma. Start Point at Spar Tavern Coffee Bar. The start times allow 2 hours for walking prior to sunset.

Our next meeting will be on October 22nd same time, same place. Meeting was adjourned at 8:01pm.

Secretary, TOTHG
Dauna Perry