April 23rd 2003 Meeting Minutes


April 23rd, 2003

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

President Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Their were 19 members and one guest present. Merele McClain who works in the ESVA office.

MINUTES OF March 26, 2003 MEETING:
The March 26th minutes were approved after two minor changes.

Brochures received from other clubs were shown and two thank you letters received from
Northwest Trek were read. These letters were the result of a recent donation and pledge the club sent.

Ken Grieser reported a check book balance of $5,728.00. No outstanding debts.

KENT YRE: Walkers to date: 75
FEDERAL WAY YRE: Walkers to date: 54
DUPONT YRE: Walkers to date: 49 Bike: 13
SALES: Alicia: Distributed club jacket to those members who ordered and were present.
MEMBERSHIP: Marianne reported 78 paid members and two honorary members. Please note that Cheryl
Dines has a new e-mail address. Make changes on your roster.
SICKNESS AND SYMPATHY: Joan had nothing to report.
SOCIAL: No Report

Shirley Lindberg gave this report. Jackie Wilson has been selected to the position of the
Executive Director of the AVA. Jackie is a long time employee and should do a great job. No IVV
Credit may be given unless you actually walk on the day of the event. The Air Force has agreed to have
Global events again this year They must have their events at a location that is open to the public with proper identification. Various administrative subjects were also discussed.

ESVA: Next state meeting will be held on Saturday May 17th. Bob Hellers will attend.

AVA: No Report

Our DuPont Walk All paper work and after action reports have been completed. A total of 10 additional hat pins were
sold after the day of the walk. This sale resulted in additional profit of $25.00.
Northwest Trek This event is scheduled for Saturday, June 7th. Dean Puckett will be in charge and will
inform all workers of what their assignments will be.at our May meeting. If you have not signed up to work or
have any questions please contact Dean at 253-927-5772.
Auburn Walk: This event is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th. Bob & Betty Hellers will be Trail Masters
for this event. Skip Probst will prepare the brochures. We are waiting to see what the October Volkssporting
Month Patch will look like. As soon as AVA informs us he will prepare the brochures. The new trail will be
finalized in the next few weeks.
Girl Scout Walk on October 13th: This is a annual walk which is held for the Girl Scouts of the Pacific
Peaks Council. It will one again be held at the city park in DuPont, WA. We will need the assistance of at least
six club members. This event will be held on a Sunday.

Dupont Walk 2004 Walk and bike events will be held on Saturday, March 27, 2004. Sanction requests have been
submitted and approved by the regional director. Necessary permits will be sent to the city.
Train trip in October: All necessary arrangements have been completed. Maps for all walks in Vancouver,
Canada will be sent to Jack. He will also pick up your tickets sometime in May and give them to those going at
the May meeting. At this time there will 16 club members who will be going on this over-night trip.
For those who may still be going to Hope BC the weekend of September 27th & 28th the telephone number for
the Quality Inn is !-800-899-5996. Ask for the walkers rate.

Please make a note that our June meeting will be on June 18th. It was moved up one week because of the
AVA Convention in Colorado. This will also be our annual pizza party.

Dr Susan Scanlan who has been a club member has retired and moved to Eastern Washington. She sold her
practice to DR Eric Allen DPM. Dr Allen has agreed to become a club member and would welcome any of you
who may need foot care. He is a very good doctor and is highly recommended.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm..Next meeting will be held on May 28, 2003

Jack Maxcy
President, TOTHG