March 26th 2003 Meeting Minutes


March 26th, 2003

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

President Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. There were 19 members present.

MINUTES OF February 26, 2003 MEETING:
The minutes from the February meeting were discussed and approved.

A booklet was received from the Atlantic Trail Master from Dianne Evans, and a brochure for the Valley of the Sun walk on April 12th. It is in Coulee City, near Dry Falls, WA. If you go, just a reminder, you will have to pay for parking. It is $5 per car.

Ken Grieser: Current balance is: $6,201.91.

KENT YRE: Walkers to date: 63
FEDERAL WAY YRE: Walkers to date: 48
DUPONT YRE: Walkers to date: 39 Bike: 2
SALES: Alicia has books and club shirts, and jackets for sale. If anyone would like to order a jacket please let Alicia know by the end of this week (April 4th). The cost per jacket is $23. If you want your name put on it, it will be an extra $3
MEMBERSHIP: Members: 77 Honorary: 2 with a total of 79 members.
SICKNESS AND SYMPATHY: A Sympathy card was sent to Carol Burroughs who lost a member of her family.
SOCIAL: Dianne suggested that we have our usual summer social in August at her home on Lake Tapps. More information will be available later..

The IVV voted that World Walking Day would be held on May 8 each year. Any club hosting an event during the month of May can participate. Just a reminder that to receive the lowest convention registration rate, your registration must be postmarked by April 12, 2003. Concerning your Record of Achievement, please remember to include your Record of Achievement number as well as your Volkssport Associate Member number when you send your books in for processing. Also, please do not include notes or dates near your recorded distance.

ESVA: New Office Hours: Tue through Fri Noon to 5:45pm, as of April 1. It is suggested that you call ahead to make sure they are open. The number is 253-840-1776.

AVA: Regional Director: A ballot for Curt Myron as Regional Director has been submitted. Jack cast a ballot for him. Also Shirley Lindberg is running unopposed for President of the.AVA

Our Dupont Walk did pretty well. The weather for the first time in 11 years did not cooperate. In Dupont it was clear with some sun until late morning when a hail and rain storm hit. In spite of the weather we had 523 walkers and bikers. We made a profit of a little over $200. This was the last year for the Park Foundation to do the food. Thanks to everyone who worked the event and especially those who were there all day. A special thanks to Bob Bruce from the Emerald City Wanderers who helped by working the check point the late morning and afternoon shift. The winner of the New Balance Shoes was Jo Ann Savitz.
Northwest Trek Walk will be on Saturday June 7th, 2003. It will be a joint walk with the Girl Scouts. We will use the Girl Scout patch again this year as the award. Dean Puckett will be the trail master for this event.
Auburn Walk: (Jackie Myers) is set for Saturday, October 3, 2003. Bob and Betty Hellers will be in charge of this walk. Skip is doing the brochure.
2003 YRE are all going well. Jack and Alicia are going to be flying to Juneau on April 8th to check out our walk there. They are taking supplies to Barbara Coate and check with the owners of the store where the walk begins. They will be doing the walk at least a couple of times to see if any changes are in order.

Dupont Walk next year, 2004. The city wants us back, we must be doing something right.
Donation Protocol: The board has decided that all club members who request a donation from the club for non- club purposes must present the request to a club officer. It will then be discussed and brought back to the membership with a recommendation. You, the club members will then make the final decision to approve or reject by your vote. This is necessary to assure we have funds available before approval.
Northwest Trek: Chip Heinz called Jack and asked if we as a club would pledge an amount to Northwest Trek before the 30th of March. If we do, a matching amount will be donated. We decided to pledge $500 to the NW Trek Foundation.
The Train trip to Vancouver is going to happen. We will be going on October 18th and 19th. It sounds like a fun trip. Thank you Jack, for taking care of the arrangements.
Our Christmas party is going to be on December 14th at the Tacoma Elks Club.
The trip to Hope in September: Phone number is 1-800-899-5996
Club walks will be held quarterly.

Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm. Our next meeting will be on April 23rd.

Dauna Perry
Secretary, TOTHG