January 22nd 2003 Meeting Minutes


January 22nd, 2003

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

President Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm .  There were 17 members present.  We had 2 visitors, Tina Ayers, and Linda Adams.

MINUTES OF October 23, 2002 MEETING:
were discussed and approved by members present.

Ken Grieser. Report covers from January 22, 2003 back 3 months.
– Income:  $801
– Expenditures:  $1,329
– Current Bank Balance:  $5,675.40

  Alicia:  Reports Club shirts for sale.  New Walkers Packets for sale.
 Joan Grieser.  Get Well cards were sent to Catharine Byrd and Jack Maxcy.  An email was received from Bill Byrd thanking the club for sending the card and telling us that Catharine is doing well, and so is Jack.
  Last years (2002) Christmas Party was super.  A special THANK YOU to Alicia Maxcy who made the arrangements and to Marion Puckett for assembling the prizes and handling the drawing.

CHECKPOINT:  November 2002.  Please remember previous books are required for processing awards if event and distance books have not been submitted within the last year.  December 2002.  The AVA is offering a whole new line of pedometers.  These pedometers were chosen by volkssporters for volkssporters.  This allows us to give these new pedometers our approval.  They may be slightly more expensive but they are definitely more functional.  You can find them in the Specialties section of the December TAW.  Remember clubs can order them at a 20% discount rate.  January 2003,  Beginning the month of January the AVA is offering a “grab bag special.”  Now through the month of June you will receive a free grab bag of merchandise when you spend $50 or more on AVA specialties.  Gifts are valued from $23.75 to $105.75.  For more about this program consult the January 2003 Check Point, or give Jack or Dean a call.

New web page looks great.  AVA call to convention announcement received, and our delegates from TOTHG will be Jack and Alicia Maxcy.  The club made a motion, which passed, to give the Maxcy’s $400 toward their expenses for this event.

Club Walk: February 23rd at 9:30am. Starting point at the Safeway on Washington in Kent. Lunch afterward for those who wish to join in. Dupont, March 22nd, 2003. Trail 2 has been finalized, changes made because of new development. Will do trail 1 this week.
Permits have been obtained and hat pins ordered. It will be a 1950s fire engine. Bob Myers has finished brochures and flyers. Porta potties have been ordered and Quadrant will pay charges.
The trails will be marked on Friday, March 21st at 9am. Pre-registration is requested of all club members. $2.00 per event + hat pin.
Our NWTrek walk will be on Saturday June 7, 2003. It will be a joint walk with the Girl Scouts. Their patch will again be used for the award. Dean Puckett will be the trail master for this event.
Approval for a new walk in Auburn has been obtained. We will take over the Memorial for Jackie Myers. The Auburn Parks Department has approved the start point. Bob and Betty Hellers will be trail masters for this event. It will be the 1st Saturday in October. This walk will replace the one at The Center at Norpoint.
Our 2003 YRE walks are up and running. Inquiries are starting to arrive for the Juneau walk. 100 patches have been ordered.
ESVA walk on February 1st and 2nd at NW Trek requires that our club provide trail markers and checkers. Trails to be marked on January 31st at 9am. by Jack and Alicia. On Saturday, Feb. 1st Paul and Marianne will trail check. And on Sunday, Feb. 2nd Dixie, Marilyn and Joan and Ken will trail check.


Dean reported on our walk at Norpoint.  The walk was on October 5th.  We had 246 walkers.  27 Awards were given out.  7 awards were left over and they were sold later on the Internet.
The Girl Scout walk on October 13th at DuPont went great as always.  205 Girl Scouts + 8 others for a total of 213.  It was a beautiful day.  There were fire engines and firemen on site.  A special thanks to Alicia, Linda James, Bob and Betty Hellers and Paul and Laura Bastin.  The Girls are ready to do it again.
Our March 22, 2003 walk at DuPont is progressing well.  The Fire Dept. has asked if they can help and be on site somewhere.  Linda James will submit the permit for approval. It was decided at our meeting that the hatpin for this walk will be a fire engine.
The NW Trek walk will be on Saturday June 7th, 2003 .  It will be a joint walk with the Girl scouts.  JP and Dianne will be in charge of the walk.
Our Juneau 2002 YRE ended Sept. 30th.  The final count was 174 walkers.
Our YRE walks brochures and map/directions have been printed and folded.

Skip has made new business cards and corrected the last cards given out.  He has donated his time and the cost of the paper.  Thank you Skip.
Dates for Dupont workers walks:  Walk 1- February 8th at 9am , and walk 2- March 9th at 9am .
Christmas Party for 2003 was discussed and it was decided that we would have it at the same place, The Tacoma Elks Club, date and time to be decided later.  Alicia will take care of those arrangements.  Also it was the consensus of those present that we will all have the buffet again, as well.
Telephone number for the Quality Inn in Hope is 1-800-899-5996.  The trip to Hope is scheduled for the weekend of September 27th and 28th, 2003.
Train Trip to Vancouver BC .  Jack is going to look into arranging an overnighter sometime around the last part of October.  This sounds like one fun weekend.  If you are interested in doing this let Jack know.
The Auburn Trampers Club has asked to go on inactive status.  The Sea-Tac club will handle their two YREs.  They donated much of their property to our club; IVV books, New Walker Packets, Caution Walker Signs, etc.  We are grateful for their generous donation.
Shirley Lindberg has informed Jack that she will be a candidate for AVA President, and asked if our club will endorse her by submitting a letter to the nomination committee. The vote was put before those present and was met with a resounding yes vote.  You go Shirley.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:07pm .  Next meeting will be on February 26th at 7pm .

Dauna Perry
Secretary, TOTHG