September 25th 2002 Meeting Minutes

September 25th, 2002
Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

Club President, Jack Maxcy, called the meeting to order at 7:03pm. There were 16 members present. Several of our members were ill.

Minutes of the June meeting were discussed and approved.

Correspondences were received from NW Trek. They sent 2 letters of thank you and appreciation for our involvement with them. One letter was a thank you for the $500 donation that our club gave to the Trek. They are going to put our name on a plaque at the new exhibit that will be called “The Wild and Wily Foxes and Coyote”. On the day of our walk at NW Trek in June over 1600 visitors were counted. That’s including our 882 walkers. We also received letters from The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation and from a Veterinarian who is also on the TGTCF board. He will be working on The Wild and Wily Foxes and Coyote exhibit. FYI, in the years that we have been associated with the Trek, our club has contributed $4600 to them.
We got brochures from a Walking Stick Co., and an Outdoor Clothing Co.
Walkers Warehouse has joined the AVA. You can find a link to their web site by going to the AVA web site. A Thank You letter was received from the AVA regarding the $350 donation that our club sent.

Ken Grieser, our newly elected Treasurer reported that as of July 1, 2002, our checkbook balance is $6,564. A short summary of our AVA Annual Financial Report is as follows:
For the fiscal year July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002:
Income $10,400
Expenses $8,968 (includes $2,350 in donations)
Net income $1,431

First Quarter July 1, 2002 to September 30, 2002
Income $1,087 (this includes event fees and dues)

KENT YRE: Dorothy Blackmun Walkers to date: 160
FW YRE: Jack Walkers to date: 130
DUPONT: Jack Walkers to date 126 Bike: 27
SALES: Alicia: She has books. Shirts; 3 Large and 4 XL Also, for those who wish to order a 2003 Starting Point book please let Alicia know by next meeting. (Oct. 23rd)
MEMBERSHIP: Marianne: No report.
SICKNESS & SYMPATHY: Joan reports that JP has had successful eye surgery in Phoenix, AZ.
SOCIAL: Dianne Hall has returned to Arizona for the winter, but those who attended the party at her home on July 14th will tell you it was a great picnic, a beautiful day, great food and a great boat ride. 22 members were there. It took a while to get the boat started. Some of the men had to go buy a new battery because no one wanted to row that far.

Dean Puckett reported on several issues from the July, August, and September Checkpoints. Jo King, Executive Director reports that 70 new AVA Associate memberships were sold, and 9 Lifetime memberships were sold. June 21 -29, 2003, the 13th Biennial Convention is in Colorado Springs, CO. There is a silent auction again this year for the Convention. We will send $100 instead of putting together a basket or other items for our participation in this event. October 8th, 2002 there will be an IVV World Walking Day. We can participate in this event by pledging so much money as we do our volkswalk at Norpoint on Oct. 5th,and then send that money into the AVA. For more information on this event, contact Jack or Shirley. September’s Checkpoint information included the new partnerships with several companies. The AVA will be partnering with AARP, The Arthritis Foundation and the Heart Association and the Walker’s Warehouse to name a few.

Shirley reported on some issues. Special Funds Development Committee is using several events to help raise money. Besides the Walk-a-Thon, they will have Stuffed Dogs for sale. A new black bear dressed in a blue Colorado Convention t-shirt will be offered next year. The Ad Hoc Fee Review Committee recommended that the participation fee be raised to a maximum of $3 per event with $.75 of the increase going to the AVA and $.25 to the individual clubs.

NORPOINT: The workers walk for Norpoint Center walk was on September 28th. The walk is on October 5th. Those present reviewed their work schedule for the walk.
GIRL SCOUTS: Walk Sunday October 13th at DuPont. Jack needs 2 people to help on that walk. He got 2 volunteers

Jackie Meyer’s Dedication of a bench at 2pm Saturday Oct. 5
DuPont Walk: March 22, 2003
NW Trek June 7, 2003
ESVA walk at NW Trek in February 2003. Our club is responsible for marking trail and checking the trail on Saturday and Sunday Morning around 7am. Jack will need volunteers to help mark the trail on Friday and trail check on Saturday and Sunday.

A big thank you to Skip for making business cards for our club. Jack handed out a number of cards to those present. The cards look great.

This meeting was adjourned at 8:03pm. Our next meeting will be on October 23rd. This is a 5 Wednesday month. So mark your calendars now so you come to the meeting on the right Wednesday.

Dauna Perry
Secretary, TOTHG