February 27th 2002 Meeting Minutes


February 27th, 2002

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

CALL TO ORDER: Club President, Jack Maxcy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. There were 18 members present. Our two newest members, Pat Davis and Mary Murray-Mistision were introduced.

MINUTES OF JANUARY 23, 2002 MEETING: The minutes of our last meeting were read, discussed and approved.

CORRESPONDENCE: We received a letter from Nancy Stenger, AVA President. It was a letter concerning the termination of David Stewart, an employee of the AVA, Inc. Ginny Drumm, former Regional Director from the Mid-America Region, is Acting Executive Director until a permanent replacement is selected and hired.

TREASURERS REPORT: Sandy was not at the meeting but called in the amount of the balance of our check book as of our meeting is $6446.08

COMMITTEE REPORTS: No updates on walkers at this time. KENT YRE: 2001 Profit/Loss $187.07 FEDERAL WAY YRE Profit/Loss $167.22 DUPONT WALK & BIKE Profit $593.68/Bike Profit $6.20 SALES: Alicia has IVV books for sale. Also hat pins and Club Polo Shirts; 1 Med. 3 Lg. 4 XL MEMBERSHIP: Marianne reports 77 members 2 of which are Honorary CLUB WEB PAGE, https://theoverthehillgang.net/ Check every so often, Jack posts messages from time to time. SICKNESS & SYMPATHY: Joan Grieser. No report SOCIAL: Dianne Hall isn’t back from Wintering. We will have more on the Summer Social when she returns. We have a committee for the Winter Social that includes; Joan, Marion, and Alicia. The Christmas party has been approved and will be on Sunday December 15th at the Tacoma Elks Club, starting at 4pm.

CHECKPOINT: There was no information available.

ESVA: The meeting was held on February 23rd, 2002. There was a workshop and discussion of the ESVA club survey. Also the last mailing party for the Pathfinder will be March 12th. From that time forward the mailing will be taken care of by the employees. A thank you was given to TOTHG and other clubs for their donation towards the memorial bench. To date there is $765 of the $1500 that is needed. A thank you to the Holts who contributed $100 towards a scanner for the ESVA office.

AVA: Executive Council XII net in Mesa, Arizona for its second meeting January 19, 2002. From the AVA President’s Report came the announcement of “IVV World Walking Day” which will be May 29, 2002. A special stamp and certificate will be given to commemorate participation. The AVA took the concept one step further and will have a “Walking Month” in May. The (US) President’s Council on Physical fitness commemorative patch will be available as well. Clubs hosting events in May qualify for the special insert stamp that will be provided by IVV – “IVV”, a peace symbol, and the letters for the World Walking Day.

TAW subscriptions have dropped and since the numbers are tied into the financial operations and it is critical to advertising sales, we need to increase them. For those of us who are new the TAW stands for The American Wanderer, a newspaper for walkers. Ask any of our club officers for information about subscribing to it. Details will soon be released by HQ listing many incentives for new members, new Lifetime members and clubs.

The 2003 Convention will be held in Colorado Springs, CO

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: DuPont’s country trail, which will be walk #2, has been finalized. This was the first Workers walk. 15 members did the walk on a beautiful February Sunday. Our second Workers Walk will be on March 10 at 9 am. The workers list is finished and Jack will notify all workers by the 15th of March. A 25K and 15K trail has been set up for Biking. We’ll see you all on the 23rd of March at DuPont. This will be our 10th Anniversary at DuPont.

Northwest Trek: JP and Dianne are in charge of this walk. Both Girl Scout Councils have advised that inquires about the walk are starting to come in. Brochures and flyers have been completed by Bob Myers. All is going well.

The Norpoint Center walk will be on October 5th. Sanction request has been submitted and approved by AVA. Dean Puckett is in charge of this walk. October is also National Volkssport Month.

Year Around Walks: All is going well with our year around walks. Don’t forget that an alternate start point has been established for the Federal Way walk. It is at the Mosquito Bay Tanning & Hair Co.

Our Club walk in Kent will be on Sunday April 7th at 9am. The Hope trip is scheduled for the weekend of September 28th and 29th.

NEW BUSINESS: A donation for the Bench at NW Trek in the amount of $200 has been made to the ESVA. No notice of receipt has been received.

Club elections will be held in June of this year. Ken Grieser will head this committee.

We received a verbal request from the Spokane Valley of the Sun Volkssport Club for help. They need monetary help to help procure a PortaPotty. Our club gladly gave them the $100 required to pay the cost.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47. Our next meeting will be on March 27th and 7:00pm.

Dauna Perry, Secretary, TOTHG