July 25th 2018 Meeting Notes

The Over the Hill Gang Volkssport Club
Minutes of the July 25, 2018 meeting
Round Table Pizza, 34410 – 15th Ave Ct, Federal Way WA, 6:30 p.m.


Call to Order Meeting was called to order by club president, Diane Wagner, at 6:30 p.m. Eleven members and 2 guests were present.


An e-mail was received from DuPont requesting that the club participate in National Trails Day on June 1, 2019

An e-mail came from NW Regional Director, Tom Baites, stating that Bill Byrd had passed at age 92. Bill was a long time volkssporter from Vancouver, WA.  His wife, Catharine is a past ESVA President.

New Member Welcome to out new member, Jan Paige, who came to the meeting with her husband, Jim.


Carolyn and John Warhol completed their 401k(ilometer) program.  Carolyn also completed 21,000k.

Debbie Connell – 15,000k.  Dorman Batson – 31,000k.

John Butts welcomed a new great-grand child.

Treasurer’s Report The checkbook balance was reported.

Minutes of the June 27, 2018 meeting A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as submitted by the secretary.

Committee Reports

Year Round/Seasonal events (numbers of participants year-to-date)

Auburn – 118

DuPont – City/Town – 53

Boyhood Memories – 75

Federal Way – 47

Juneau – 16

Kent – Green River Trail – 21

Lake Fenwick – 19

Town – 37

Ketchikan – 14

Maple Valley – 50

Membership  – 21


  • The AVA Convention will be in Albany, NY at the Red Lion on June 9-16, 2019. The website is open for registration for events/hotel rooms.
  • Second quarter after action for Year Round/Seasonal events is due July 30. This has been submitted.
  • Sanctioning for Year Round/Seasonal events is now open. Walk names in addition to the city location can now be placed on the stamp.  Walks are now allowed on cruise ships.
  • The T-shirt flash sale is now closed.
  • The following is a report from the Board of Directors meeting submitted by Carolyn Warhol:
  1. Fee increases from $3 to $4 for credit walkers. Pros and cons were presented from the audience and the Board members.  The Board is also looking at ways to reduce operation costs as well.  General consensus of the attendees is this would not work for many reasons.
  2. The “Free Walker” discussion has been sent to committee.
  3. Online billing, a pilot program for Associate Members to self-report milestones rather than mailing books. Members can choose if they want a pin, patch, and/or a certificate when they send in a book.
  4. AVA is the provider of IVV books to Canada and Australia.
  5. The AVA President would like to create a Board that would include outside members. This is only an idea and not being actively pursued at this point in time.

Break for drawing  $13 was collected. Rich Heasty won $7 and $6 went to the club.

Old Business

  • The City of DuPont has requested we do a National Trails Day event again on June 1, 2019. A motion was made, seconded and passed to host this event.
  • Since we will be hosting National Trails Day event June 1, 2019, do we want to give the Hudson’s Bay Day event a year rest in 2019? The consensus was to consider this at a later date.
  • A motion was made, seconded and passed to not have a club meeting in August
  • Treasurer’s annual report is due 11/15/18. Hopefully it will be completed by 8/15/18.

Dates to remember

August 19 – TOTHG event at DuPont

September 26 – TOTHG meeting, 6:30 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Bastin, secretary