October 24th 2001 Meeting Minutes


October 24th, 2001

Held at Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by President, Jack Maxcy. Seventeen (17) club member and two guest’s were present;

Minutes from the September 26, 2001 meeting were discussed and approved.

Correspondence: Several brochures regarding upcoming walks were circulated to the members;

Treasurers Report: Sandy Washam was not present. Sandy is a volunteer fireperson and was called to duty during club meeting hours. As of October 26, 2001 the balance in the clubs checking was $ 8,255.83;
Committee Reports: Kent YRE, walkers to date: 239 Federal Way YRE, walkers to date: 166 Dupont Walk & Bike: 218 and 38 respectively Sales Alicia Maxcy: Alicia discussed the possible order of club T-Shirts with club logo & name on shirt. Polo shirts are available also new walker packets, IVV books and club patches Membership: Club membership is currently 77 paid members and 2 honorary members. It was also reported that we had 100% of last years members renew their membership for this year Sickness & Sympathy Committee: Joan Grieser reported that cards had been sent to Don Lindberg who is recovering and doing very well from recent surgery. She will also send a card to Jackie Myers who has suffered a slight set back; Social: Dianne Hall who is our Social Chairperson has become a snow bird and is enjoying the winter in Arizona. Those of us who went to Hope, BC the end of September had a great time, as usual, doing the walks and visiting with our sister club members. The pot luck dinner gets better each year. Turn out from the states was lower then usual do to delay at the border crossing. We are looking forward to next September.
Club Waeb Page: Address is www.tothgvolkssportclub.com or www.theoverthegang.net: For those with computers, check every so often as new messages are placed from time to time. Paul James who is our web master has also placed some new photos from our recent girl scout walk in DuPont;

Checkpoint:The October checkpoint had not been received prior to the meeting

ESVA Meeting: Next meeting will be on November 24th after the ESVA Vollkssport Walk in Edmonds, Washington.

Regional Director: A e-mail received from Jesse Miller was read to the club members.

AVA: Information regarding the proof sheets for next years Starting Point was given to all members. The new video is still not ready for distribution. We also are taking orders for next years Starting Point. If you wish to order one please let Alicia know no later then November 15, 2002. Payment can be made at the time you receive your copy.

Unfinished Business: Dupont Event 2002: Pathfinder Ad is due November 30th. It will be sent on time. Alicia will meet next week with Lucy to discuss the Hat Pin for the walk on March 23, 2002. All else is going well and the trails will be finalized in January, 2002. Northwest Trek 2002: All OK. The two Girl Scout Councils that we are working with will both use this walk again as a annual event. The new Girl Scout Patch will also be available. The purchase of a hat pin was brought up for discussion. Decision on type of a pin was put off until our January, 2002 meeting.

Norpoint Walk: We had 276 walkers attend this event. Profit was $206.59. We still have fifteen (15) patch’s left from this event. They will be taken to the walk in Carnation on Saturday 27th. The Emerald City Wanderers Volkssport Club have offered to help us sell the remaining patches. The start point and check point for this walk are great. Everyone who did the event enjoyed the trail.

DuPont Girl Scout Walk: This event was held on Sunday, October 6th. Thanks to those who helped mark and sweep trail and man the water station. It was a cool and wet day. We had ordered 350 Girl Scout Patch’s for this event. 305 girls and 146 members of their families had pre-registered for this event. We were utilizing our DuPont Year Around Trail. I have now learned that only 217 girls and 113 family members actually showed up for the event. This was due to the weather. All patches have been paid for but those girls who did not attend have not received theirs as yet. The council has ruled that the girls must make arrangements to do a volkswalk before they qualify. I have offered to walk with any troop that contacts me. I have already been contacted and we are working on a date that will work out. The same trail will be used. Will let you know how things go at our next meeting.

Juneau, Weasonal Walk 2001: This years walk ended on September 30th. We had a even 300 walkers do the event. This is the most walkers we have had in any year to date. Our total income for this walk $1,205.00, Expenses were $579.29 which leave us with a profit of $626.31. All in all a very good year.
Year Around Walks For 2002: Final proof’s for starting point have been approved. Brochures have been printed. Also thanks to the members present at this meeting we were able to get 800 brochures folded and ready for distribution.

New Business: Norpoint October 6, 2001 Walk: The membership approved a donation in the amount of $175.00, to be given toThe Centre at Norpoint for their cooperation’s in sponsoring this event. The check was delivered in person by Jack Maxcy on October 25th. They were very pleased with the check. We will be most welcome if we wish to return next year.
Storage Place For Club Supplies: All club property has been stored in the garage and spare bedroom of the Maxcy residence. It had reached the point that enough is enough. Approval was given to place all property in a commercial unit. Approval was given for payment of the first years storage fee which amounted to $275.00
Kent YRE 2002: Dorothy Blackman has agreed to take care of the Kent YRE start point box for next year.

Chrismas Party, December 16th, 2001: It was decided that the club membership had increased to the point that we had outgrown the pot luck dinner in a members residence. Reservations have been made to hold this party on Sunday Dec 16th. at the Tacoma Elks lodge. Social hour will be from 5pm to 6pm with dinner at 6pm. All members will be contacted by Alicia with information regarding the menu and price. There will also be a live band for those who are interested in dancing. Please contact Alicia at 253-927-4580 if you have any questions. Deadline for food choices is December 5, 2001
Comments: It has always been the policy of this club that all club members are expected to work at all events when needed. Sickness, travel, business are always good reasons for not being available. The annual pizza party in June is held to reward those club members who have worked at our club events throughout the year. It would most appreciated if those few who have not as yet worked make a effort to participate.

If there is no more business this meeting will stand adjourned until our Christmas party in December.
Respectfully submitted by Jack Maxcy Club President, TOTHG