May 23rd 2001 Meeting Minutes

Minutes From May 23, 2001 meeting of TOTHG Volkssport Club
at The Round Table Pizza, Auburn, Washington

Club President, Jack Maxcy, called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. April minutes were discussed and approved as written.

Correspondence:  Thank you notes were received from Shirley Lindberg thanking the Club for contributing to her campaign fund.  A note was received from the City of Dupont for our contribution to the Parks Department.  We also received a brochure from the Coeur d’Alene Volkssport Club advising us about their club’s activities.

Treasurers Report: Sandy reported that the balance of our checkbook is $4859.53,with cash at home, including $88, and $40.41.

Committee reports:

Kent YRE: 96

Federal Way: 72

Dupont Walk: 85  Bike: 14

Sales:  Alicia distributed shirts that had been ordered last month.  Also more new-walker packets have been ordered.  Let Alicia know if you would like her to order a Fitness patch for doing a walk during the month of May.

Membership:  Marianne reports 72 members and 2 honorary members for a total of 74 members.  Dauna and Marianne would like everyone to make sure that their information is correct on the Club Roster.  Also if you haven’t checked out our web site, please do so, the address is

Checkpoint for April was reviewed.  There were two important items related to our 12th Biennial Convention in Bellevue, Washington June 26th through June 29th.  Number 1 item is the proposed revision to our Bylaws.  This revision reflects the results of an extensive review by the Bylaws Committee.  The second item is a call for agenda items that might be considered during the membership meeting.  We will leave this up to President Jack Maxcy, as he and Alicia are our delegates from TOTHG.

ESVA: Shirley Lindberg reported on the meeting that was held at Fort Lewis, Washington on the 19th of May.  There is a new employee, Diane Sandvik, at the ESVA office.  She will be working Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30pm.  After discussion, a vote was taken to discontinue ESVA sales.  Current inventory will be sold, but there will be no reorders.  There is difficulty getting volunteers to sell items, competition is great, and the profit margin of 20% + tax does not leave much margin for real gains if inventory has to be marked down.  Future ESVA meetings are scheduled for July 21, 2001 in Puyallup, September 22nd in Leavenworth or near there and the November meeting still needs a host.

Convention 2001:  There will be training on June 9th at Bellevue Community College.  Volunteers are encouraged to attend, and those doing so will get a t-shirt.  Training will be from 1:00 to 4:00pm.  Anyone that has done pre-walks will receive more information.  There has been a problem with the insurance for the swim events with King County, but should be taken care of soon.

Cliff Yockey Memorial:  Currently has $200.  No decisions as to what to do with the fund.

November 2001 Turkey Trot Event:  There are two possible event-starting points under consideration.  One needs more parking and the other has a fee of $150.

Candidate Information:  Nancy Stenger was in town especially for the meeting and she spoke about her reasons for wanting to run for the presidency.  They included youth program growth and better internal procedures.  Tom Loppnow of the Pacific Region is also running for the position of President.  Shirley shared her thoughts on the VP position as well.  After Shirley’s report on the ESVA, Don Lindberg stood to make his voice heard in favor or our club casting a vote for Nancy.  Although a voice was heard to listen to the other candidate a vote was taken and it was decided that we should cast our vote for Nancy.

Northwest Region Directive concerning Year Round/Seasonal walking events in a calendar year.  The following procedures are in effect January 1, 2002.  All clubs are allowed a maximum of ten (10) events in a calendar year for those events starting January 1 or later each year.  This is not 10 of each, but a total of 10.  The limit of 10 does not include bike, ski or snow shoe events.  Clubs must contact the RD prior to submitting their Sanction Request with reasons as to why they desire an exception and the specifics of the events.  All clubs are requested to hold at least one regular sanctioned event each calendar year between January 1 and December 31 to take an active role in the region.  Also there is a RD election coming up and Jack will cast our 1 vote at that time.  There is a write-in candidate for this position.  His name is Curt Myron from the Pt. Angeles club.

Unfinished Business:  Dupont, a check for $600 has been sent to the Mayor, hence the thank you note at the beginning of this report.  A couple of new trails have been opened and they will be checked out soon.  We are starting on the hatpin for next year.  If you have any suggestions please get them to Jack.

Our walks in Juneau and Anchorage are doing well.  We are still receiving pre-registration requests.

Dates to remember:

June 9th:  Northwest Trek.  If you haven’t gotten an assignment for this walk please let Jack or JP know.  Your help is essential and greatly appreciated.

July 14th Summer Picnic at Dianne Hall’s.  BYOB and a dish for the potluck also swimming suit and towel.  Add to that a jacket for going on the boat.

September 29th & 30th.  Hope BC Trip

October 6th Walk at Center @ Norpoint.

October 21st Walk at Dupont for Girl Scouts at 10am.  This walk is open to all Girl Scouts and their families as well as Club members.

Our next meeting will be on June 28th at Round Table Pizza at 7pm.  This is our annual Pizza Feed, so don’t eat too much at home.  We are hoping to have some special guests at this meeting.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.

Dauna Perry   Secretary, TOTHG